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Sam Jaramillo, owner and operator of Wall to Wall Cleaning, came to Las Vegas in 1997 after working for a cleaning company in Huntington Beach, California. Sam wanted to move to Las Vegas and open a cleaning business. Wall to Wall quickly become one of the most reputable cleaning companies in the Vegas and Henderson area.

You’ll speak directly to the owner

When you call, you’ll talk to the Sam directly. Sometimes there may be a short delay in getting back to you if Sam is busy cleaning for another client. He always returns calls FAST.

Family owned and operated

Today, Sam is the lead cleaning technician on every single job. Sam LOVES people and LOVES the cleaning industry. He has 30 years of experience in the carpet and floor cleaning industry.

Sam has continuously kept up with training in the industry and of the latest cleaning technology by attending national and local cleaning events like certifications with the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (aka IICRC) in carpet cleaning, the EZ stone care training course, and The Experience Cleaning Convention.

Your cleaning price NEVER goes up!

One of the unique things we do at Wall to Wall is keeping your price the same. One of the ways we honor our clients is to honor our same price for you, year after year. Yes, your price stays the same forever.

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Referral program

If you give us four referrals, we’ll give you a FREE service for any service we’ve done for you in the past. So if you give us four referrals for jobs worth $250, we’ll give you that same service FREE.


How to Keep Your Carpet & Floors Beautiful All Year

Throughout the year, it can get tough. I’m not just talking about carpet, but it gets tough with tile, grout, hardwood floors, and the rugs you throw over the floors. Many of our clients who replaced carpet with hard floors agree.

1. Start with weekly vacuuming. In cases with kids or pets, two or three times a week is better. Even your hard floors need vacuuming to pull out gritty soils that scratch up your floor.

2. Spot clean carpet and rugs as necessary. It’s very important to NEVER allow spots to set in. Purchase a small spot machine or wet vacuum to remove spots as soon as they happen. Use a neutral PH spot remover to remove left of soils. Finally, rinse the spot remover out with water.

3. Clean hard floors weekly. Tile and grout should be cleaned with a machine that rinses the grout. Gravity brings all the soil down in the low grout crevices that standard mops can’t reach. Hardwood floors need weekly cleaning with a low moisture mopping process that is suitable for your type of wood.

4. Deep clean carpet once per year. In cases with kids or pets, the US Environment Protection Agency and most carpet makers, recommend clean twice per year. This deep carpet cleaning process will prevent soils from building up in traffic areas and help fluff up carpet fibers. It’s very important to do an overall cleaning of carpet BEFORE it appears very soiled. By the time your traffic areas appear soiled, some permanent damage may already be done. Routine deep cleaning is vital to the life of your carpet.

5. Deep clean tile floors and hardwood floors one every 2 – 4 years. On top of weekly cleaning, a deep, scrub cleaning needs to be done every few years. In homes with kids or pets, this may need to be done yearly. This kind of process with clean up grout and crevices of hardwood floor.

Maintenance, in the long run, is much less than frequent replacement. Contact Sam and he’ll help you keep your carpet, rugs, and floors looking great.

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30-day guarantee

If any spots return or areas look bad within 30 days, call us within 30 days after your cleaning and we’ll come back out at absolutely no charge.