Natural Stone Care

Experienced in all types of stone cleaning and polishing, we can help you maintain or restore any stone floor or counter. Any marble, limestone, travertine, terrazzo, granite, slate, or other natural stone can be done.

Natural stone polishing

Many marble, travertine, terrazzo, and granite stone floors have a polished shine that fades over years of use. Additionally, the stone can get scratched or gouged. We have a system and the experience to remove scratches, gouges, and make your floor shinier than it was when it was new. If your stone tiles are not level, we have a leveling process that can make your floor perfectly level.

Stone repair

Do you have a floor with bad seams, bad grout, gouges, holes, or etches? We can fix those problems for you too.

Natural stone cleaning

In some cases, cleaning may need to be done to get dirty grout lines clean or remove soils that accumulate in the tile pores. This cleaning process is done when we polish your stone floor. In some cases, cleaning may be the only process that needs to be done if you stone floors don’t need polishing. Some stone floors don’t have a polished, shiny finish. In those cases, cleaning and sealing may be all that needs to be done.

NEVER wax natural stone, but do protect it

Natural stone should NEVER be waxed or have a topical treatment applied. Why? Because any topical sealant covers up the natural beauty of your stone floor. Instead, the floor should be polished and honed like a fine diamond. After the cleaning or polishing process, invisible sealers and penetrating protectors should be applied. But these protectors are not a film that covers up your stone. They penetrate slightly into the stone to waterproof and protect your floor for years to come. Ask us about our stone sealers.

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30-day guarantee

If any spots return or areas look bad within 30 days, call us within 30 days after your cleaning and we’ll come back out at absolutely no charge.