Upholstery Cleaning

When it comes to sofas, couches, recliners, chairs, and any upholstery, we can clean it. Our professional methods are safe and thorough.

Many upholstered fabrics are delicate. Many contain cotton, rayon, and other fabrics that can bleed or brown-out if cleaned improperly. So, we realize these problems and perform our cleaning process accordingly.

Here’s how we clean your upholstery:

First, we perform a thorough pre-test. We see if the fabric is safe for the type of cleaning we do. Then, we clean with the safest method.

Next, your upholstery is pre-treated to break down oils and brush in lightly with brushes or towels.

If your fabric is safe for some moisture, we use a low moisture cleaning process. This process rinses with a small amount of water and dries QUICK. We’ll often use air movers to further speed the drying along as necessary.

Dry cleaning upholstery?

Dry cleaning? Yes. Some upholstered fabrics need dry cleaning. We have solvent based and dry cleaning processes available, depending on what your fabric needs. Dry cleaning is the safest method of cleaning, but it doesn’t clean as well as a low moisture method of cleaning. After our pre-test, we’ll give you all the options.

How often should you clean sofas, recliners, and upholstered chairs?

For fabrics that are used regularly in living rooms and dining rooms, cleaning every 1 to 2 years is recommended. The cleaning process will remove embedded soils and oils. It will help your upholstery look better, smell better, and last longer.