Area Rug Cleaning

All fibers can be cleaned if done properly. Wool, cotton, silk, nylon, polypropylene, olefin, polyester, sisal, rayon, or ANY fiber can be cleaned.

But rug cleaning can be tricky. On several occasions, we’ve seen rugs that homeowners or another inexperienced cleaning company attempted to clean, but ruined the rug. Be VERY CAREFUL about how you clean rugs and how you spot clean rugs.

FREE pick-up and delivery

Yes! With any minimum rug cleaning order, you’ll get FREE pick-up and delivery back to your home. We’ll even help you place the rugs back under your furniture upon request.

Here’s how we’ll clean your area rugs:

First, we perform a thorough pre-test. We see if the fabric is safe for the type of cleaning we do. Then, we clean with the safest method.

Second, we’ll perform a thorough, deep vacuuming to remove as much dry soil as possible.

Next, for most area rugs, we’ll apply a pre-treatment or shampoo and brush the cleaning agent into the fibers.

Then the rug is fully flushed and rinsed in a cleaning bath. This process flushes out all the soils and cleaned much better than we could clean your installed carpet.

Odors on your area rugs?

No problem. We have a special process in our rug cleaning bath that can remove nearly any odor. This extra bathing process allows the rug to be soaked so the deodorizer can come in contact with any sources of odor in the rug. It works wonders.

Fabric protection for your rug

After the cleaning, you have the option to have the rug protected. When you purchase a rug, unlike carpet, the rug rarely has a protector (like Scotchgard) applied. This makes wool, silk, and cotton rugs VERY susceptible to staining as these fibers are not stain resistant. Applying a protector that is suitable for specialty fabrics will help prevent staining and help your area rug last longer.