Carpet Cleaning

When it comes to carpet cleaning, no one in the Vegas area takes the time and attention to your carpet like Sam.

Sam says, “With my experience, I assess the job before we start to determine what you need. Rotary extractor or wand…we use whatever the job requires.”

Most carpet cleaners only have one method to clean. Even worse, most have little experience and no formal training on how to clean your carpet properly. But Sam has both the training and experience to give you the most thorough carpet cleaning in the Las Vegas and Henderson area.

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Here’s how your carpet will get sparkling clean:

Your carpet piles are first lifted and fluffed up with a pile lifting machine. This picks up the fibers and removes hair and extra debris.

Then your carpet is pre-treated to break down oils and dirt in the traffic areas.

Next, we’ll use a counter-rotating brush to gently groom the pre-treatment into the carpet fibers.
Now the carpet is ready to be rinsed with our powerful truck-mounted carpet cleaning equipment. Your carpet is rinsed with HOT water and the dirty water is extracted out into a holding tank in our van.

If any stains are left after the rinsing process, we have EIGHT specialty spot removers to attempt to remove stains like gum, wax, grease, drink spills, paint, pet stains, coffee, and most anything else that gets dropped on carpet.

Last, upon request, we can apply a fabric protection to your carpet called Microgaurd to prevent staining in the future and help your carpet last longer.

Call us now at 702-579-7799

Call us now at 702-579-7799

30-day guarantee

If any spots return or areas look bad within 30 days, call us within 30 days after your cleaning and we’ll come back out at absolutely no charge.